Sacred Geometry in Byzantine and Russian Schools
The Sacred Triangle build the geometrical composition, in the Virgin of Vladimir. The icon shows all the values of Sacred Art, with their Symbolism.
 Andrei Rublev   III - Sacred Triangle, the base of Sacred Geometry

The Triangle with proportions 3, 4 et 5 is the base of all Sacred Geometry in the Art of Composition.Rublev    This form appeared in Babylon. People were building square angles with a thirteen knots rope, and the proportions 3, 4, 5. This justifies the name "Triangle of Surveyor". But Egypt gave a second name : "Egyptian Triangle". However, the name of "Sacred Triangle" is the most eloquent. It contains all the basic vocabulary of symbolism, with all the integer, from 1 to 7, plus the golden ratio, Phi=(1+√5)/2.

Rublev    1 is the radius of the inscribed circle (called intimus) of the triangle (2 is the diameter). 3, 4, 5 are in the definition of the figure. 6 is the surface, and finally 7 is the gradient of the hypotenuse when the triangle is inclined 45°.

                          The gradient of the hypotenuse displays a sacred number: 7

Golden Rectangle takes a natural place in the geometrical compositionRublev    On the left : the presence of the golden ratio (Phi) is the most surprising feature. A rectangle with proportions 2 and 2.Phi builds naturally on the golden bissectice.

Rublev    The forms have measurements that help us to understand their meaning. The tradition has slowly established this lexicon, that helps us to decode the works. With a scientific approach, we can read now what was originally designed.

 Andrei Rublev   IV - The Sacred Triangle of the Virgin of Vladimir

The Virgin of Vladimir shows a very high level through its geometrical composition. Here : the Sacred Triangle and its Golden Rectangle.Rublev    A small portion of the composition is presented here. It goes to the essential of the work in an educational way. This is the first Sacred Triangle of the Virgin of Vladimir, the proportions 3, 4, 5 with his intimus circle which radius is 1. The golden rectangle is vertical and its proportions are 2 and 2.Phi. This rectangle is not placed in a random way.

Rublev    The line of 3 of the triangle is the celestial axis, and it highlights the eyes of Mary. This axis makes a right angle with the Earth's axis, line of 4 where Jesus aroses, supported by the hand of his mother. The intimus circle, which summarizes the essence of the work, shows the body of Christ. It reminds us of the Saviour's mission, and the meaning of Communion. If this argument was not enough as a geometrical argument, with its form of Host, a painter has placed in echo, in the back of Icon, the instruments of the Passion of Christ. Perhaps this painter is Rublev ...

                                    On the backside, the instruments of passion of Christ

Rublev    2 is the width of the golden rectangle. The thumbs of the Virgin Mary materialized this number, universal symbol of sacred femininity. 5 is omnipresent. This is the length of the hypotenuse of the triangle. The gradient of 1/7 reveals the quintessence of divine which is always present in the heart of the believer. The 5 side of the triangle, the measure of Man, is inclined to communicate according to 7. And this inclination passes through the heart of Mary, in the middle of the hypotenuse. The baby Jesus is placed in the golden rectangle, but the top of his skull, his right hand and his clothes grow outside of the triangle, artistic expression of a triple radiation on Earth: Spiritual (head), Human (hand), and finally Material (cloth). The embodiment shows three complementary aspects. Equally important, Christ puts his chin on the golden bisectix, which comes from the mind of Mary (temple), and bound by thought with the body of her son.

Rublev    6 is the number of universal love, unity of opposites/complementary in this world. This is naturally the surface of the triangle, and the essential part of the Savior. Love, the fruit of the encounter between Heaven and Earth, expressed by the Triangle Heaven-3, Earth-4 in its surface : 6. 5-Man is the link between Heaven and Earth.

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